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Specialty Grade/Single Origin

Artisan Roasted Coffees

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At Companion Roasters, the quality of the bean is fundamental. We source and roast only specialty grade, single origin, 100% arabica beans from around the world. As an artisan roaster, we roast in small batches, and our roast profiles are optimized to highlight the unique qualities of each coffee. We source our coffees responsibly with an emphasis on organic and sustainable methods to achieve higher quality green beans.  Our coffees are available to purchase directly through our website or at select locations.

At Companion Roasters we are dedicated to quality, not only of the beans we source, roast, and package, but above all, the relationships that we encourage at every step along the way-from the farmers themselves to you-the coffee drinker. Your enjoyment of quality roasted coffee is our ultimate goal, and we will strive to satisfy and even surpass your expectations by offering superior artisan roasted coffees and providing the best customer experience possible. So, please take a look at our current selection, and we look forward to hearing from you. 

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